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California Supreme Court Grants Review of 5th District SB 800 Decision

David Frankenberger

SB 800, also known as the Right to Repair Act, provides home builders the opportunity to cure any construction defects prior to what might be protracted litigation. It became effective January 1, 2003, and purportedly applies whenever there are construction defects alleged by a homeowner in new residential construction, excluding condominium conversions.
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Joseph J. Minioza and Andrew Kozlow Win Significant Housing Discrimination, Invasion of Privacy/Illegal Surveillance and Breach of Quiet Enjoyment Case in San Francisco on behalf of Landlord.

Joseph Minioza
Andrew Kozlow

Plaintiffs Andrew Ribotto and Christina Powers moved into an apartment building at 254 Divisadero in San Francisco in March 2009. Defendant Graystone Partners LP purchased the building in April 2013 and discovered that Ms. Powers was living there in violation of the lease that plaintiff Andrew Ribotto had signed with the prior owner of the property.
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New for 2016 – Employment Laws

Sharon Hightower

SB 358 was passed in 2015 in a further effort to close the gap between differences in pay among genders. This new law requires employers to pay employees performing substantially similar work with equal pay. Substantially similar work means a composite of skill, effort, and responsibility, performed under similar working conditions – but it need not be the same exact job.
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We wanted to know what our clients experience when they work with us, so we asked them.  Happily, we can say that our definition of service matches our clients’ expectations.

Here is what you can expect from our attorneys at law:


Our lawyers provide quick turn around to meet your needs.


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