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Ericksen Arbuthnot Secures Double Defense Verdict

David Frankenberger

Ericksen Arbuthnot attorneys won defense verdicts for defendants Selma Unified School District and Raisin Country Aquatics in the case entitled, Palmer v. Selma Unified School District, et al.
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Ericksen Arbuthnot San Jose Office Prevails On Motion For Summary Judgment On Claim Alleging Autism Center's Behavioral Plans Caused Student's Increased Disruptive Behaviors

Sharon Hightower

In granting Summary Judgment to the PACE defendants on May 27, 2016, Judge Lucy Koh of the USDC accepted our argument that causation for the state law claims must be proven to a reasonable medical probability based on expert testimony.
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Joint and Several Liability: Impact on Equitable Contribution

David Frankenberger

A defendant’s liability for noneconomic damages cannot exceed his or her proportionate share of fault, as compared with all fault responsible for the plaintiff’s alleged injuries and not merely that of the defendants present in the lawsuit at the time. Indeed, trial courts must assess, or allow the jury to assess, the comparative fault of other defendants who have settled before trial.
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We wanted to know what our clients experience when they work with us, so we asked them.  Happily, we can say that our definition of service matches our clients’ expectations.

Here is what you can expect from our attorneys at law:


Our lawyers provide quick turn around to meet your needs.


You will always know the status of your matter.

Good judgment

We start with an early evaluation of your case to find the most effective way to solve problems.

Appropriate staffing

To maximize efficiency and accountability, we limit the number of attorneys who work on your case.


In each of our seven law offices, you have access to lawyers who have a depth of experience.