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California Imposes Civil Liability on Businesses for Subcontractor’s Employment Practices

Nathaniel Lucey

On September 28th, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 1897, which imposes new risks on businesses who use subcontractors as a source of labor. Historically, a subcontractor’s employee who asserted claims against the subcontractor’s client for labor code violations had a difficult time demonstrating an employment relationship with the subcontractor’s client. Under the new law, any business using workers hired through a labor contractor in the normal course of business becomes automatically liable for the labor code violations of the labor contractor, including the accompanying civil penalties.
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David Frankenberger and Maribel Hernandez to Present at National Business Institute Conference December 3, 2014 in Bakersfield, CA

David Frankenberger
Maribel Hernandez

David Frankenberger and Maribel Hernandez will be speaking at the National Business Institute’s “Human Resource Law from Start to Finish” seminar on Wednesday, December 3, 2014. The seminar will be conducted at the Hilton Garden Inn in Bakersfield, California. Employers are encouraged to attend this training, as it will provide a comprehensive primer on Labor and Employment issues and provide approaches for employers to protect themselves from employee lawsuits while maintaining a productive workforce.
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… INTO THE FIRE: Can Interstate Fire V. Cleveland Wrecking be Used to Sue Subcontractors for Recovery of Developer’s Defense Costs Paid by Insurers?

Brian Sanders

Construction practitioners are well advised to take the time to read the case of Interstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Co. v. Cleveland Wrecking Co. (2010) 182 Cal.App.4th 23. Ericksen Arbuthnot is currently handling litigation in which the developer is using the Interstate case to pursue subcontractors for defense costs after settlement of the case.
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Lisa Gruen to Chair the Defense Research Institute’s Fire Science and Litigation Seminar

Lisa Gruen

Lisa Gruen, a partner in Ericksen Arbuthnot’s Los Angeles office, will chair DRI’s Fire Science and Litigation Seminar November 6 and 7, 2014 at the FireSky Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ms. Gruen is the Program Chair and Chair of the Fire Science and Litigation Specialized Litigation Group (SLG). Lisa and her committee have put together an exciting program staffed by some of today’s leading experts and attorneys in Fire Litigation.
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We wanted to know what our clients experience when they work with us, so we asked them.  Happily, we can say that our definition of service matches our clients’ expectations.

Here is what you can expect from our attorneys at law:


Our lawyers provide quick turn around to meet your needs.


You will always know the status of your matter.

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