California is vast.  Vast not only in its geography and resources but in the diversity of its people.  Diversity in thought, innovation, and approach to the myriad of challenges of our fast-paced and ever-changing world.  From the explorers who first laid their eyes on the Pacific to the modern explorers on the new frontier of technology, change and diversity are the hallmarks of our state.  Whether it is in the urban centers of San Francisco and Los Angeles, to our capital of Sacramento, and the agricultural mecca of the Central Valley, California continues to be at the forefront of change and innovation.

Since Ericksen Arbuthnot was founded nearly 70 years ago, we have experienced first-hand both the evolution – and revolution – of the state, its people, and the law that governs them.   We have litigated and tried cases in every corner of California.  With our network of seven offices and attorneys specializing in almost every type of litigation that challenge businesses and organizations, we know California.  We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge of the law, the courts, the judges, and most importantly, the jurors, in all of their diversity, to the representation of both our in-state and out of state clients.  If you need a California law firm, we are California.