Ericksen Arbuthnot’s Clients Awarded Nearly $250,000 in in Attorney’s Fees and Costs Following Successful Appeal of Anti-SLAPP Motion

October 2015

As reported earlier, Ericksen Arbuthnot’s Appellate Practice Group prevailed on appeal of an anti-SLAPP motion and the firm has now successfully persuaded the trial court to award their clients $232,134.60 in attorney’s fees as well as $4,231 in costs. This amount is in addition to the trial court’s prior award of attorney’s fees of $12,624.30 for another client of the firm. The plaintiff, whom Defendants had previously offered $250,000 in settlement was rejected, must now pay Defendants a total of $248,989.90 in attorney’s fees and costs. As this case amply demonstrates, the anti-SLAPP statute can be an effective tool for defendants as it carries the very real threat that the plaintiff may be ordered to pay the defendant’s attorney fees if they cannot overcome an anti-SLAPP motion.

Gregory A. Mase, Jason W. Mauck and J.J. Minioza handled the case in the trial court and Court of Appeal. Mr. Mase can be reached at 510.367.2953 or; Mr. Mauck can be reached at 510.832.7770 or; and Mr. Minioza can be reached at 510.832.7770 or