Employment laws and regulations are some of the most difficult issues employers face, especially in California.

Indeed, employers are at risk for a wide variety of legal pitfalls from wage and hour, employee handbook violations, wrongful termination, discrimination, paid leave, and harassment claims.  These claims can – and often do -- result in large penalties and fines, or a crippling settlement or verdict should litigation ensue.

The attorneys in Ericksen Arbuthnot’s Employment Practice Group are well-versed in both compliance and litigation. Our attorneys work with clients to ensure their workplace policies and handbooks are fully compliant. In addition, our attorneys work with clients to confirm that they understand their responsibilities and are equipped to identify workplace irregularities. Should issues arise, our attorneys will review complaints and provide advice and counseling regarding the best steps to take to resolve the complaint. One of the surest ways to assist clients in these matters is to keep them informed of the many changes in California employment law. Our attorneys routinely provide employment updates as soon as they are enacted to ensure clients are aware of any changes they may need to make to policies or procedures. Further, our attorneys offer seminars and engage directly with clients, ensuring that all clients are fully informed and updated at all times.

Should litigation ensue, our attorneys are experienced litigators who will take all the steps necessary to resolve claims quickly and efficiently.  However, if a case is unable to resolve short of trial, our attorneys are seasoned trial veterans with a host of defense verdicts to their credit.