Insurance Coverage

Since 1950, Ericksen Arbuthnot has represented insurance companies and policyholders in a wide variety of insurance coverage matters. The firm’s insurance practice group has both the experience and knowledge to assist carriers and insureds in all aspects of insurance law including regulatory compliance, claims investigations, coverage opinions, declaratory relief actions, contribution actions, and bad faith litigation.

Regulatory Compliance

California has one of the most extensive regulatory schemes in the country when it comes to insurance. Small mistakes can result in heavy fines and serve as the basis for bad faith claims. Our firm has extensive knowledge of what it takes to comply with these regulations and how to avoid common pitfalls. From providing seminars on California’s Fair Claims Practices Act to advising clients respecting discrete legal issues, our attorneys can assist carriers and insureds in navigating California’s complex, ever-evolving legal landscape.  

First Party Claim Investigations

Claims investigations are one of the most sensitive areas of the law, requiring the investigator to balance the rights of the insured along with the carrier’s interest in confirming the existence of a covered loss. Our insurance practice team has a long history of investigating potentially false and fraudulent first party claims and understands that such investigations must be independent, fair, thorough, efficient and accurate. 

Coverage Opinions

Numerous carriers have looked to Ericksen Arbuthnot for guidance in making both first party and third party coverage determinations. Ericksen Arbuthnot’s comprehensive coverage opinions go beyond a simple review of the policy and known facts. Our attorneys provide a clear and concise analysis relying upon on-point case law while also identifying future developments which might alter coverage. Our clients can trust that the opinions they receive from our attorneys will give them the legal insight they need to make well-informed and well-reasoned coverage decisions.  

Declaratory Relief Actions

We have extensive experience in litigating coverage issues and securing judicial determinations of rights and obligations owed under insurance policies.

Contribution Actions

Our attorneys represent insurers in seeking (or defending against claims seeking) equitable contribution. These actions arise in situations where more than one insurer has coverage obligations to the same insured, including co-insurers and insurers issuing Additional Insured Endorsements.

Bad Faith Litigation

Ericksen’s attorneys are skilled at working with clients in the claim-handling stage to identify and address issues that could create exposure to a costly bad faith claims. Where a bad faith action cannot be avoided, Ericksen’s attorneys will defend the “bad faith” action vigorously and efficiently while taking into account the client’s ongoing duties of good faith and fair dealing with respect the insured.