Real Estate

If a man cut down a tree in the garden of another man, he shall pay one-half mina of silver. - Code of Lipit-Ištar, c. 1870 b.c.”

From the beginnings of written law, real property and the rights associated with it have been protected. The earliest form of written communication was used to ensure that each citizen knew that their ownership of land and the bundle of rights that come with it would be protected from outside interference. This is brought into sharp focus in present day with the current property values in California and the potential damages that come from the interference with another’s property rights.

Ericksen Arbuthnot’s Real Estate practice group was formed to serve industries, business entities, and individuals in protecting their rights in use of California real estate. 

Litigation can stem from any time or part of a real estate transaction and can affect each person involved. Throughout its fifty-plus years in serving California, Ericksen Arbuthnot has represented any number of people, participants and professionals associated with real estate, including property owners, landlords and tenants, and real estate professionals involved with the sale or management of property. 

Real estate disputes that we handle include Residential Landlord/Tenant Disputes such as Habitability Claims, Wrongful Eviction Claims and Rent Board Hearings; Commercial Landlord/Tenant Disputes; Evictions; Homeowner Association Disputes; Neighbor Disputes and Nuisance Claims; Imminent Domain and Adverse Possession Claims; Transactional disputes, including Brokers and Agent Liability, Appraiser Error, Home Inspector failure to disclose/detect, and Escrow Company Failure to Perform; Easement And Boundary Disputes; Quiet Title Actions; ADA Violations and Discrimination and Fair Housing Claims.

Keeping with the firm’s commitment to communication, expertise and responsiveness, the real estate practice group’s attorneys pride themselves on an accurate initial evaluation of any claim and an up-front assessment of given matters. If the matter proceeds to litigation, each Ericksen Arbuthnot partner is hands on in their approach and will keep the client advised of the status of any action, and aggressively defend or prosecute the case to the client’s wishes.

Of course, the best practice to avoid litigation is to counsel clients before there is the potential for any litigation. The attorneys of Ericksen Arbuthnot pride themselves on counselling clients on commercial or residential leases, homeowner association disputes, and fair housing law. Members of the group can put together presentations to educate employees, or prepare contracts to avoid the pitfalls of transactions.

Wherever you are in California, Ericksen Arbuthnot’s Real Estate team is here to assist you.




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