Trucking Liability

 Ericksen Arbuthnot serves as counsel for several regional trucking and commercial transportation companies.  Additionally, we are available to coordinate post-accident responses for our clients involving accident occurring outside of California. 

Our trucking and commercial transportation attorneys regularly conduct post-accident investigations and are well-known for our 24/7 rapid response team, dispatching attorneys and accident reconstruction experts to the scene of an accident at a moment’s notice and directing the collection and preservation of evidence for our clients.  We also regularly oversee the downloading of EDR information, secure Drive-Cam footage, interview witnesses, and coordinate the early defense of trucking and commercial transportation claims.  We likewise work closely with our clients and consultants to map out accident scenes using state of the art 3D laser scanning technology.

Partners David J. Frankenberger of the Fresno office and Graham M. Cridland of the Sacramento office lead the Firm’s Trucking Liability Practice Group.  However, the Firm has attorneys located throughout Northern and Southern California well-versed in defending trucking and commercial transportation claims.  


Graham M. Cridland

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